Empowering fearless founders to disrupt the status quo

WHO we are

Contrago Ventures was founded by David Halperin and Amitay Yamin. David is the co-owner of Optica Halperin, Israel’s largest optics retailer.  This multi-million-dollar company is one of the most influential businesses in Israel with a worldwide business network.

Contrago Ventures is a Tel Aviv-based fund investing in promising Israeli startups.

We believe that the core elements of any successful startup are a combination of long-term vision, entrepreneurial driving force, focus on customer satisfaction and a desire to continuously innovate. 

Our network of investors is built from high net worth individuals and financial institutions with a global footprint spanning various industries.

We Do

At Contrago Ventures, we pride ourselves on identifying cutting-edge startups and supporting them throughout their lifecycle by leveraging our network, experience and mentorship to support their innovations.

We invest in early and late-stage startups operating in Cyber, Cloud Computing, AI / ML and FinTech. Our goal is to bring technological conceptions to light.